How Much Exercise Does My Dog Actually Need?

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Hey there, fellow pet enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of tail-wagging adventures with your furry friend? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of canine fitness and why hiring a dog walker might just be the paw-fect solution for you and your pup!

Let’s Get Moving: Three Factors Influencing Exercise Needs

Breed and Size:

From the energetic Husky to the laid-back Basset Hound, every dog breed has its own unique exercise requirements. Maybe your pup is a sprinter or perhaps they are a stroller, understanding their breed-specific needs is crucial for keeping them happy and healthy. Some breeds are natural working dogs such as German Shepherds and Pointers, so offering stimulation for them in nature keeps them from getting bored inside the home.


Puppies are like little bundles of energy, while senior dogs may prefer a more leisurely pace. As your dog’s age changes, so do their exercise needs. However, even a senior dog requires daily exercise to keep their joints healthy and working properly.

Health and Fitness Level:

Just like us, our furry friends have their own health and fitness journey. Also similar to humans, dogs experience mental and emotional relief from going on walks outside in the world. The world is huge! Unfortunately, most dogs only see a small portion of the world. Taking them on walks gives them the opportunity to see new things and smell new smells!

Fetch Some Fun: Recommended Exercise Guidelines

Daily Exercise:

Depending on the above factors, you want to aim for a total of at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise per day. To add to their stimulation, ensure you mix up the routine to keep their senses on their metaphorical toes! Some dogs may not like mixing up the routine, so make sure you are also watching for signs of anxiety and stress!

Playtime Galore:

Walks are not the only stimulating thing you can provide your pup for exercise! Most dogs love playing catch and it provides an excellent way for your pup to get exercise and (hopefully) tired out! More ways to keep your dogs engaged can be tug-of-war or a brain teaser puzzle toy.

Tail-Wagging Activities:

Is your pup craving a little extra excitement in their life? From agility courses to nature hikes, there’s no shortage of adventures waiting to be discovered and are offered right here in San Antonio. There are a multitude of dogs parks, dog friendly stores, restaurants, and even bars!

Brain Games:

Exercise isn’t just about physical activity—it’s also about keeping your pup’s mind sharp and engaged. You can incorporate brain games and enrichment activities into your pup’s routine, ensuring they stay mentally stimulated and happy. Try to include interactive toys, obedience lessons, and scent games.

So Many Options! So Now What?:

By tailoring your dog’s exercise routine to their individual needs and preferences, you’ll not only keep them physically fit but also mentally stimulated and emotionally fulfilled.

Don’t have the time to ensure your pup is getting the most in life? We understand. Many times jobs can be demanding and draining. If you’re feeling stressed about it, don’t fret because Handy Dandee Walkers has you covered!

By enlisting the help of a professional dog walker, you’re not just investing in your pup’s physical health—you’re also investing in their happiness and well-being. So why wait? Take the first step towards a happier, healthier lifestyle for you and your furry friend today!

Remember, life is too short to spend it cooped up indoors. With the help of a dog walker, you can unleash the fun and adventure that awaits just beyond your front door. Let’s make every walk an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, love, and wagging tails!

Ready to embark on the ultimate adventure with your pup? Contact us today to learn more about our personalized dog walking services and start your journey towards a happier, healthier life together!

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